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In the fall of 2003, Corwin began taking art classes at the Corcoran College of Art (initially the result of a whim purchase at a Kinhaven School auction). The resulting enthusiasm and confidence are evident in all the works of art from the past year.

In July 2003, Corwin began using Photoshop again with some much more directed results:

Here is another picture which Corwin incorporated into a short story.

These are some of Corwin's pen-and-paper pictures.

This is a submarine, equipped with airlock, power controls and connection to the motor, with men seated, and a periscope. The submarine is joined by an orca below, and a surfer and sea gull above.

This is corwin's recipe for breakfast. "2 minits" refers to microwave time, and "mango" refers to a corn cereal which Corwin mistakenly believes contains mango.

Here are some of Corwin's most recent efforts working with Photoshop (May 2001). Generally (as you can see) he has a lot of fun as well.

And here are some older pictures (October 2000).


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