(yes, he does get up fairly early)

This page exists to make it easier for far-flung family and friends to view the title character's cherubic visage. Updates will be made as new images become available. Last updated 11/22/02.

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Listen to Corwin singing his favorite songs and reading his favorite poems.

See some of Corwin's artwork

Check out Corwin's vital statistics, and his greatest hits.

New Photos

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Or for a trip down memory lane, watch Corwin play the cello.

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Older Photos


Sounds from September 1999

Twinkle, twinkle 273 KB

Happy Birthday 312 KB

The Owl and the Pussycat  312 KB


These are some of Corwin's pen-and-paper pictures.

This is a submarine, equipped with airlock, power controls and connection to the motor, with men seated, and a periscope. The submarine is joined by an orca below, and a surfer and sea gull above.

This is corwin's recipe for breakfast. "2 minits" refers to microwave time, and "mango" refers to a corn cereal which Corwin mistakenly believes contains mango.

Here are some of Corwin's most recent efforts working with Photoshop (May 2001). Generally (as you can see) he has a lot of fun as well.

And here are some older pictures (October 2000).