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Brian and Debbie's Wedding

last updated 5/28/04

Geneva's brother Brian married his longtime girlfriend Debbie Stenger at the Unitarian Church in Davis CA (where we were wed, as well as Geneva's sister Kat). Geneva went out with the three kids by herself (Peter had to work the night before, and flew out the morning of the (afternoon) ceremony).

Corwin and Jasper served as ringbearers, and fulfilled their duties admirably. Jasper initially wanted to sit in the middle of the aisle, but he was pursuaded by Grandma to leave room for the bride to enter. After a few minutes there, he needed to hold Dad's hand. Dad did his best to look like a solemn and dignified groomsman nonetheless. Then, apparently reassured, Jasper took his seat and promptly fell asleep.

The ceremony was followed by a reception on a Sacramento riverboat, where, among the usual celebrations, Corwin revealed an entirely new facet, serving as the main attraction on the dance floor.

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